4 Valuable Branding Moves for Your Business in This Pandemic

Even if you’re not amidst a global pandemic, branding is usually not the first thing that business owners think about.

Certainly, branding can be a big investment to consider. And the benefits are not always clear. But what is branding and branding strategy in a nutshell, and how could it help in a dire situation we’re facing now?

Well, what good is branding to me now, Ilya?

The good news is that branding is a long-term game. And if your business is still running, then you can start prepping your business to be more adaptable to change today.

Step 1: Start thinking about your business long-term

Ever heard of the Sigmoid Curve? Whether or not we are in a pandemic or a recession, Sigmoid Curve happens to every business. And we always need to be prepared for the next dip. Making sure we know how and when to start up a new Sigmoid Curve.

Step 2: Spring clean your brand

During the ‘normal’ periods we tend to get busy. Too busy to take care of our brand. Branding and marketing take a backseat. No time to upkeep your website or reorder stationery. This happens to most of us. But now is the time for some branding upkeep and spring cleaning.

Step 3: (Re)Build your brand by growing your audience

There is nothing shameful about updating your operations, services or branding to reflect your updated vision. Or talking about it to your audience. However, chances are, if you’re weathering the storm right now, that’s because you can’t rely on your existing client base to sustain you.

Step 4: Embrace social media

Yes, I’m a firm believer and advocate for building your own email list, as technically audiences on other platforms are ‘owned’ by the platform. But it’s undeniable that in today’s world, social media has an unbelievable reach. In some cases, and depending on your industry or niche, if you’re not on social media — you might as well not exist.

Now Over To You

Will you be actioning any of these ideas in your business? If you have any questions about how to implement these strategies, feel free to reach out via email or on Instagram, and let’s get a discussion going!

I help ambitious designers level-up their skills through online courses. I also run studeo.com.au, where I build better brands for small businesses to be heard.

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